TI-85 Calculators

     Welcome to my TI-85 calculator and ZShell page. Here you can find links to some of the best sites about the calculator in general and ZShell in particular.  ZShell is both an operating system and a shell for the TI-85 that allows one to run pure assembly code on the TI-85 calculator written for the z80 microprocessor. I have made a couple of games for Zshell, including Zelda 4 and PacMan-85. Be sure to check them out! Also, be sure to check out the new program for the PC, SpriteEdit , made by Chris Tossing and myself, that makes it easy to create your own sprites for assembly language games and applications on all the calculators!

     Well, that is about all you need to know to get started. I will not try to go into much detail here, for there are already a descent amount of excellent pages out there; there simply doesn't seem to be any need for one more.  The rest of this page will focus and concentrate exclusively and enduringly on the elusive xStat system variable.

My Zshell Games